Way Up

Short film about roofer Andrej Ciesielsky


This is an experimental short film about urban explorer and roofer Andrej Ciesielski. Coming from a small town in Bavaria, Germany he went on to experience the world from a whole new perspective.

Director, DP, Editor and sound designer: Max Neumeier

Protagonist: Andrej Ciesielski

Colors. : Lutz Forster, C.S.I.

Original Composition: Touring

Soundmix: Nepomuk Heller

Voice Over: Joni Dahlke

Words: Nina Beer, Max Neumeier

Additional Footage: Andrej Ciesielski, Illsight / James Sight, Anthony Johnston, Simon Lau

Thanks to: Lutz Stautner, Alex Schiller, Vincent Urban, Annegret Feistl, Simon Schweikert